A Vision for Peace and Fulfillment at the End of Life: How to Live Today!

What Matters at the End of Life? Loved Ones


What really matters at the end of life? How can one ensure peace of mind and fulfillment?

On Friday of last week, I received 2 pieces of mail that got my attention! One was for cremations services…an offer for a pre-paid
cremation..and the other was an introductory offer for “the most advanced hearing aid you’ll never see”. Both in one day! While I am not
ready to plan my cremation, the mailing inspired me to reflect on my life. Am I living each day in alignment with what has heart
and meaning? Am I making time for what will truly matter as a review my life?

My book, Joy After Fifty: A Women’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness, is designed to guide you week by
week, to follow what makes your heart sing, to design your life in accordance with your soul’s calling, and to prioritize joy–especially in these
challenging times.  Here is the excerpt of Week 6 of the 52 week resource guide. Each week has a theme related to joy, followed by “Reflecting on Joy” , “Activating Joy” and a page for journaling.

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Week Six

Keeping the end of your life in mind is a helpful practice for ensuring ease and joy today. Getting in touch with what will really matter — what will bring you peace and a sense of fulfillment as you look back on your life—illuminates that which needs to be prioritized today.

 Reflecting on Joy

 1. What do I imagine will really matter to me at the end of my life?

2. As I evaluate my activities today, what aspects would generate a regret-free life review and ultimate contentment?

3. How might I reassess my priorities in this regard?  Where do I need to direct more—and less—of my attention and energy?

4. Where would I have to say “no” to make more time for what really matters?

Activating Joy

** Consider this line from Mary Oliver’s poemWhen Death Comes.” “When it’s over I want to say ‘all my life I was a bride married to amazement.’” Journal about the message it has for you.

** If you had three years to live, what would you make a priority and start doing immediately?  Who or what would you make more time for?

** Considering what you did NOT identify in the step above, what can you do to eliminate activities or associations that don’t contribute to your eventual peace and fulfillment?

** The future is not promised to any of us.  As you design your activities this week, keep the “end” in mind.  For each item on your to-do list, ask, “How is this commitment of my time and energy contributing/not contributing to my overall life satisfaction and joy?”

I hope you found inspiration and meaning in Week 6 of Joy After Fifty. Imagine having 52 weeks of lessons in JOY! Click to order Joy After Fifty now.…a truly meaningful gift for you and the women you love.

With loving blessings,


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