Documentary motivates, honors and respects aging women!

What do you think about how aging women are perceived—in the media, in society, in films? This documentary clip shows a variety of women offering their thoughts about the challenges and truths about aging for women today.

You may or may not agree with the women interviewed. What do you think contributes to happiness as we age? Is it an inside job? Do women today need plastic surgery to feel good about themselves? Why? Why not?

 Even if you have not had plastic surgery, can you understand why so many women do? If you are  not going to have plastic surgery, what has supported you in aging naturally?

In spite of the challenges of aging, I think we are in the most powerful time of our lives! In order to flourish as we age, we must know how to master the mind and to choose happiness, regardless of circumstances (wrinkles, aches and pains, memory issues).

I am so looking forward to making my book, JOY AFTER FIFTY, available to my readers. It is a 52 week program of the proven keys to lasting happiness and fulfillment in the second half of life.  I will keep you posted on the publication date.

Please comment below. Share your thoughts about the true value of older women; what brings you lasting happiness; what helps you feel pride in aging?

Let’s all be¬†celebrate our true value as women over 50…all our strengths and life experience. We are truly a force to be respected!!

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