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Jane Fonda Ted Talk: Aging, Health, Longevity and Joy

A Vision for Peace and Fulfillment at the End of Life: How to Live Today!

  What really matters at the end of life? How can one ensure peace of mind and fulfillment? On Friday of last week, I received 2 pieces of mail that got my attention! One was for cremations services…an offer for a pre-paid cremation..and the other was an introductory offer for “the most advanced hearing aid […]

Tips for a Healthy, Aging Brain: Optimal Brain Function and Memory

Aging Brain Tips: How to Improve Memory and Optimize Brain Function Changes in memory are normal with age. It can  become difficult to focus on more than one thing, to retain – or quickly recall – information. We may begin to forget names, or misplace various items. Such changes can instill panic, but what many do […]

Aging, Happiness and Life Success: Tips for a Boomer’s Mental Health

How we boomers can  avoid depression and boost happiness as we age 5 MISTAKES TO AVOID FOR JOY AFTER 50 Not making time for joy: It’s proven: happier people are more successful in all areas of life…love, health, brain function, vitality, creativity, longevity! Joy is not frivolous. It deserves respect. Remember what makes your heart […]


Documentary motivates, honors and respects aging women! What do you think about how aging women are perceived—in the media, in society, in films? This documentary clip shows a variety of women offering their thoughts about the challenges and truths about aging for women today. You may or may not agree with the women interviewed. What do […]

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