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Health after Fifty: John Lennon, Advance Directives, and Joy No Matter What

Dear friends, First, let me offer a belated wish for your vibrant health, happiness and fulfillment in 2013. While it may seem strange to be sending this wish now, as we approach the first day of Spring, I have been fully engaged in a most important project: my HEALTH! The holiday season found me “off […]

Girlfriends Boost Health and Happiness: Tips and Scientific Secrets to a Life of Joy!

      It’s proven. Other women are good for your health! We women share from our souls, listen intently, offer support, empathy and abiding friendship. Below you will find an excerpt from my new book,  Joy After Fifty: A Woman’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness. Click here to read all about it! […]

Laughter as Medicine: The Fun Cure for Stress, Pain and Disease

Laugh Your Way to Health and Happiness Sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine. It can relieve anything from stress, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, loneliness, weak immunity, fatigue, heart disease, and more. Tension and stress melt away when you laugh because laughter loosens the body; a good, long laugh can relax your muscles for roughly […]

Your Happiness, Health and Longevity: Good Nutrition and Wellbeing Means Avoiding GMOs

Protect Your Health and The Health of Your Loved Ones by Avoiding GMOs! In recent years, the nature of our food supply has come into sharper focus: human rights, organics, sustainability, and animal cruelty are all issues at the forefront. Biotechnology – specifically Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) – are no exception to the hot debate. […]


Live a longer, healthy life! This diet protects from cancer and coronary disease! I came across this article from Kaiser Permanente and thought you might enjoy it, too. Have you tried this diet? Share your comments and recipes with other readers. Clipped from: (share this clip)

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