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Harvesting the Gifts of your Life: Make a Gratitude Visit

First, I am glad to reconnect with you after honoring my need to be present for my family over the last few months. I hope your summer was filled with juicy delights. As autumn approaches, with its theme of harvest, I invite you to consider the bountiful harvest of your life at 50, 60 and […]

Monday Morning Meditation for Earthquake and Tsunami Victims: Send Healing Prayers

Meditation for Inner Peace: Sending Our Love to Japan What can we do? Maybe you are feeling, as I have been, so saddened and powerless to help the victims of the horrific earthquake and tsunami¬† in Japan. I feel as though there are no words to express the sorrow I feel…and the helplessness. At least […]

Monday Morning Motivation: 5 Ways to Please Your Lover on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! The word ‚ÄúValentine‚ÄĚ seems to conjure images of candy hearts, chocolate, and flowers. But there are more genuine, heartfelt and meaningful gifts to bestow upon your partner on February 14 (as well as throughout the year!) The 5 Love Languages is a book by marriage counselor Gary Chapman, which identifies five different […]

Valentine’s Tips: Affordable Gifts of Love

As we approach Valentine’s Day: Economical ways to celebrate love Are you looking for fresh gift ideas? Would it be helpful to imagine ways to celebrate that are easy on the pocketbook? How do you celebrate this holiday? Please share your ideas by commenting below. Here’s a link to an article of imaginative tips to […]

Monday Morning Motivation: Woman Celebrates Girlfriend Who Died of Colon Cancer

Communicating love to our women friends…it’s never too late. A Flash Mob Dance Video was organized by a woman named Kim MacGregor.¬† Kim created this as a tribute to her best friend Erika Heller who died of colon cancer last year.¬†Each and every telephone conversation they ever had, Erika would end by telling Kim “You’re […]

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