Best Holiday Gift: Peace, Joy and Vision at the Winter Solstice

Light Returning at Winter Solstice

Best Holiday Tip: The Gift of Winter Solstice 2011

Winter Solstice is one of my favorite holidays of the entire year. While I used to dread (a joy-buster) the darkness and cold of winter, I have now befriended the dark. I love to sit in the quiet, light a candle and enjoy the moment, as I reflect on gratitude for all the gifts in my life (a joy-booster).

Winter Solstice will occur at about 9:30 PM PST on December 21, 2011. It is the shortest day and the longest night of the year, a time to celebrate the return of more daylight and increasing warmth—a fertile time to plant inner seeds for new “growth” in the springtime. Making note of the returning light has helped me embrace winter, as never before.

I invite you to join the increasing numbers of people who are reviving ancient traditions in celebration of the solstice. Themes of this time include renewal, hope, and new beginnings—a time for introspection, inspiration, and intentions/new visions.

My observance of the solstice has become one of the most nourishing experiences of the year. In quiet moments of deep presence, I find a respite from the noisy commercialization and intensity of the season. As a result, I find myself  in the true spirit of this season: grateful, joyful, and loving.

By taking time to reflect and to be still, we are more able to bring light and happiness to others through our kindness, our radiant spirit, our service. Radiating the inner light of joy to everyone we meet is one of the greatest gifts we can offer…a smile, a kind word, our full presence…these are lasting gifts of immeasurable value.

Questions to ask at Winter Solstice:

  1. What  behavior, belief, relationship will I release into the darkness to enhance my joy?
  2. What inspiring vision do I want to incubate now, in order for a new “birth”  in the spring?

A Simple Solstice Ceremony for Individuals or Groups:

  1. Place unlighted candles around the room.
  2. Sit quietly for 15-30 minutes in the dark, reflecting upon what you will leave behind with the darkness and what you will “birth” into the coming light—something you would like to manifest by springtime.
  3. As someone rings a bell for the end of the meditation, each one present can light a candle and share their reflections from # 2.
  4. Finish with a celebration: (e.g.singing, gift giving, sharing food)

I wish you a most joyful Solstice and holiday season!!

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have gifted loved ones with my generously endorsed (John Gray etc)book:

Joy after Fifty: A Woman’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness. Click here for information/ordering.

With love, Connie








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3 Responses to “Best Holiday Gift: Peace, Joy and Vision at the Winter Solstice”

  1. Lin Ivice says:

    Great inspiration for the solstice and a ray of joy for those of us who typically dread this season. Thanks!

  2. susan says:

    Connie, congratulations on your book. I love the exercise you recommend for the tonight. I’ve been on a purge and let go binge which I’m looking to wrap up in the next few weeks. The “space” it opens up is so interesting to me. Thank you for the inspiration to acknowledge the importance of this time of year. Many blessings to you.

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