Harvesting our Blessings

 As we approach my favorite holiday of the year, I would like to offer some thoughts and tips for deep enJOYment of this special day. The suggestions below can transform your holiday from another great meal into a memorable experience!

Can you recall a memory of  a favorite past Thanksgiving ? I have attended many Thanksgiving gatherings with friends and family over six decades. It’s a day off from work, we come together to share a delicious meal and to connect with loved ones. In my experience, however, only a few of them are memorable. Why?

 We took time to openly express gratitude for the many blessings in our lives!

It’s so easy to take for granted all the gifts in our lives until we STOP to consider them.  Thanksgiving and praise opens a channel for joy to enter. Verbalizing appreciation to another person or to life itself is proven to increase happiness!

Make this Thanksgiving a memorable one! I invite you to take time, before Thursday, to connect with your own gratitude. Here are some suggestions:

  • Set aside 10-15 minutes.
  • Find a quiet place where you can sit quietly.
  • Light a candle as a symbol of illuminating the blessings in your life.
  • Close your eyes and scan your body, head to toe, giving thanks for the amazing gifts of sight, hearing, speech, writing, hugging, walking, breathing, etc.
  • Send loving thoughts to any part of your body that is struggling.
  • See the face of your loved ones. Really let in the feeling of love and gratitude you have for them.
  • Feel appreciation for all the other gifts you enjoy and may sometimes take for granted. For example: a bird’s song, sunshine, gifts of fruits and vegetables from mother earth, work, shelter, food, clothing, vehicles, friendship, family, health, love, etc
  • Now give thanks to yourself for all that you do, all that you are, all that you give!

>Make a quick call to loved ones across the miles. Tell them why you are grateful for having them in your life. Verbalizing gratitude is more effective in boosting joy than expressing it in writing.

> Bring meaning and the true spirit of the holiday to yours or another’s home. One of my clients took this suggestion and transformed an ordinary Thanksgiving meal into a meaningful “ceremony” that all her guests now look forward to each year.


  1. In advance, suggest that each guest consider what they are thankful for this year. You may forward the above meditation in this post.
  2. At each guest’s table setting, place put a votive candle.
  3. Decide, in advance, when you would like to introduce this simple yet powerful ceremony (i.e. before bringing the meal to the table; before dessert).
  4. Invite the guests, one at a time, to light their candle and express their gratitude. You may go first to demonstrate. By your example of a sincere expression, you will help others feel comfortable to be authentic (not self-conscious) as well.
  5. Notice the special warmth and connection you have created. This will be a Thanksgiving to remember!

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  1. Belle says:

    Thank you, Connie!

    One of the things I’m grateful for is people like you that make time to put things like this in my life. You are awesome.
    PS I connected with one of your friends as I was looking for a room mate, Shera Sever.

    Love you and miss you when I don’t see you on Friday nights.

    Love, Belle

    • Connie says:

      Hi Belle,

      I miss you too!
      Thx for you lovely comments re the blog. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. It’s great to get comments and feedback.
      Good luck with the roommate search. Hope to see you soon!! Love, Connie

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