Resilience in Sendai, Japan: Hope, Caring, and Love Triumph Over Devastation

Quan Yin: Goddess of Compassion

The human spirit triumphs after devastating earthquake and tsunami.

To start your week on an up note, I offer you a letter written by an American woman in Japan–a story of love, compassion, caring and strength. In these troubling times, I feel that we need stories like this to remind of the goodness that lives inside people.

Please pass this on to inspire your loved ones. We all need positive images and tales of compassion and loving kindness–to activate joy–the key to resilience in challenging times.

Here’s the link to this moving letter from Japan…


Would you comment below– share some good news, or a heartwarming story. I will include your name and contact information if I use it in a future post. Thank you for spreading joy.


Joyous springtime blessings!


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