Your Big Life Dream: It’s Never Too Late!

Achieve Your Big Dream: Age is Only a Number!

Congratulations to Jeanne Bernek, an 81-year-old great grandmother from Greensboro Bend, Vermont, who graduated from college with an Associates Degree in Business.

Jeanne, who enjoys walking, hiking and gardening, remains as mentally active as she is physically. She decided to enroll in college in her late 70s and proudly received her diploma on June 4. She is especially thrilled that both she and her granddaughter, a nursing student, celebrated together as members of the 2011 graduating class.

Jeanne’s busy “past life” as a working mother simply hadn’t allowed her to attend college, but at this stage of her life, anything was possible. “It’s never too late to get an education,” Jeanne told a reporter, adding that her motivation to return to school was to achieve the dream she had shelved for so long.

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This inspirational story and the season of graduations brings me to the question:

As you think back, what dreams might you have put on the shelf? What inner song is yet to be sung? Remember: it’s never too late!

They may not take the form of textbooks and term papers, but possibly paintbrushes and palettes, a book of your memoirs, travel to far-away places, or any number of aspirations that can be dusted off and pursued today with passion. Or, perhaps you would love to go back to school, like Jeanne. If so, what would you study? Either way, I’d love to hear from you! Please comment below.

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