Monday Morning Meditation for Earthquake and Tsunami Victims: Send Healing Prayers

Meditation for Inner Peace: Sending Our Love to Japan

What can we do? Maybe you are feeling, as I have been, so saddened and powerless to help the victims of the horrific earthquake and tsunami  in Japan. I feel as though there are no words to express the sorrow I feel…and the helplessness. At least I was able to make a donation to the Mercy Corps (one of the highest rated charities) Still, it felt small in the face of such destruction, loss, and human suffering.

Yet, I am more aware than ever of how connected we all are. The waves from Japan reached all the way to the shores of our beaches here in California. We were all impacted by images of the tragedy on TV and the internet. It occurs to me that we can send waves of love and compassion back to all the victims in Japan. Afterall, it has been proven that our prayers can enhance another’s healing, no matter the distance.

The video below is for us  to first  reach a state of inner peace from which to radiate our prayers to our brothers and sisters in Japan. May they be at peace. May they feel love. May they heal.

Enjoy the music, images and affirmations. I know that I am better able to share love, compassion, and empathy with all my fellow human beings when I am calm and at peace. Of course, I am more effective, as well.

May you be peaceful and at ease. May you  feel loved. May you be well.


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