Healthy Aging for Active Women: Superfoods for Beauty, Longevity and Vitality

Live Longer and Healthier with Superfoods

We’ve all heard that regular exercise is a miraculous way to stay vital and healthy. We know it boosts our mood, our sex lives, prevents chronic health problems, and aids in weight loss and high quality sleep. So, if you’re one of the many women working to stays active as you age, well done! But how can we support our bodies by giving them the strength and stamina they need to keep us fit?

Here are ten “superfoods” that provide valuable workout fuel to active women:

1. Cherries – Cherries are antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory effects, thereby preventing muscle damage. If you can’t find fresh cherries, try drinking a glass of tart cherry juice after a workout to heal your body.

2. Ginger – Fresh ginger root contains ginergol (also an anti-inflammatory compound), and it can significantly reduce fatigued muscle pain. Steep some fresh ginger with a squeeze of lemon in hot water for a refreshing cup of tea, or shred ginger into a stir fry.

3. Flaxseed – Flaxseed is quite a multi-tasker. It contains healthy fats, powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and contains “lignans,” which provide our intestines with healthy bacteria (which is good for the immune system and reduces IBS symptoms.) Grind a tablespoon or two of fresh flaxseed in a coffee or spice grinder, then add it to your cereal, oatmeal or yogurt, or add it to a smoothie.

4. Avocado – Did you know avocados contain roughly 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients? This creamy “superfood” is packed with potassium, vitamin E, iron, healthy fats, and it may even help the body absorb more nutrients from the foods eaten with them.

5. Sweet potatoes – Sweet potatoes are a healthy source of rich carbohydrate-filled energy. They’re also a great source of soluble fiber, and delicious baked with a drizzle of olive oil and pinch of sea salt.

6. Peanut butter – Research has shown that 5+ weekly servings of peanut butter can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes by over 25%. An added bonus? Peanut butter’s protein and healthy fats help to slow digestion, so you feel full for longer.

7. Greek yogurt – Greek yogurt has less sugar and twice as much muscle-building protein as regular yogurt. It’s also a wonderful source of calcium. For breakfast, top it with berries, honey or toasted nuts.

8. Coconuts – Studies show that coconut oil aids in fat burn because it metabolizes so quickly that it burns more calories than it contains. Try cooking with coconut oil, or adding shredded coconut to cereal or smoothies.

9. Eggs – Not only do they contain lots of protein, eggs are also rich in choline, an essential B vitamin that most of us are deficient in. Choline is a key compound in acetylcholine, our body’s most abundant neurotransmitter (required for proper thought and movement). Many physicians are now recommending we consume an egg a day.

10. Spinach – Active pre-menopausal women need to be especially mindful of their iron intake. Running and jogging can cause footstrike hemolysis, breaking down red blood cells and causing anemia. Spinach is a rich source of iron; try a salad with lemon-juice dressing, or this green smoothie (eating Spinach with Vitamin C makes its iron more available to our bodies).

*Whenever possible, choose Certified Organic products, as exposure to pesticides and herbicides can be harmful to our health.

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Photo credits (clockwise from left): Harmony Rae, WoodleyWonderworks, and Pink Sherbet via Creative Commons

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