Springtime Joy: 6 Tips for and Renewal, Happiness and De-Stressing

Nature Smiles in Flowers at Springtime

Springtime Tips for De-Stressing, Balance, Joy and Renewal

On the first day of Spring, March 20th,  I hope you are nurturing the seeds of growth and new beginnings that you have been incubating throughout the winter months. In celebration of longer days, I invite you to make time for joy in nature (no matter how unusual your current weather may be). Re-enchant your life, restore balance and de-stress with a walk in the woods, by a lake, on a beach.

Joy-Boosters for Springtime:

  1. Come on a Retreat! I have 3 Spaces left for JOY AFTER 50+ WOMEN’S RETREAT : Click for Information/Registration
  2. From my book, Joy After Fifty: A Woman’s Guide to Passion. Purpose and Lasting Happiness:

Imagine the inner strength and determination it took for Anne Frank to revive her happiness and to speak the following words. “My advice is: go outside to the fields, enjoy nature and sunshine.  Go out and try to recapture happiness in yourself and in *God.  Think of all the beauty that’s still left in and around you and be happy.” Being in nature — especially in solitude—reawakens joy, wonder, and inner peace. *Whatever “God” means to you. Click to read about the book.

  1. Clear Inner Clutter: Make time to be in solitude, in nature, at least one day each week this season. As you come fully present to the sights, smells and sounds of nature, set an intention to release whatever inner clutter is blocking your deep joy (e.g., self-doubt; fear; judgement; resentment; etc). Find an object and imbue it with your “clutter”. Depending on what it is, throw it, break it, tear it and give it up!
  2. Create an “Altar” to Springtime. Make space on a table or cover a box with fabric. Place candles, a little vase with flowers, and various objects that represent the joys of springtime, of what is blooming in your life. You may add a symbol of an intention you have for the season— something you want to bear  “fruit” by summertime—something juicy and delicious.
  3. Plant Seeds of Self-love: Each morning upon awakening, lie on your back, hands over your heart, and name 3 things you appreciate about your self—what my friend, San Francisco movie critic, Jan Wahl, calls an “atta girl”.
  4. Plant Symbolic Seeds of Hopes and Dreams: Buy some seeds that will bear flowers in summer. Sunflowers are one example. Think of something you want to manifest by summer and plant each seed as a symbol of that desire. With strong intention, feel the joy of anticipation as each seed goes into the earth. Did you know that it’s proven that having something to look forward to boosts your feel good hormones?

Here’s to your dreams, your joy, and your fulfillment!

Loving blessings,





How a Woman Finds Happiness after 50: A Dream to Make Your Heart Sing

Dreaming of a Joyful Future

Finding Happiness after 50:  Your Dream, Life Purpose and a Women’s Retreat

My book, Joy after Fifty: A Women’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness, is a 52 weekly resource guide for deeply remembering the essence of our true nature which is joy.  Week 7 is about your life dream.

Week Seven

As a woman in the second half of life, it’s essential that you identify a life dream that makes your heart sing.  Whether simple or grand, your burning desire, and a plan to achieve it, will reveal a pathway of deep joy.  Your world will light up as you move in the direction of your dream…one goal, one action, one baby step at a time.

Reflecting on Joy

* What dream makes my heart sing at this time?

* When I imagine living my dream, as though it is already happening, how do I feel?

* What inner qualities could I intentionally access to overcome any obstacles to realizing my dream?(e.g., trust, courage, perseverance)

* Knowing that it takes a “village” to help make one’s dreams come true, who would make up my most powerful “dream team”? Examples include: a coach, a friend, a psychotherapist, an accountability partner.

Activating Joy

  1. Set a timer for 12 minutes.  Beginning with the phrase, “My greatest desire at this time is…” write nonstop until the time is up.  Take more time if you wish.  Reflect upon what you wrote. Does it surprise you? How does it feel?
  2. Write down all the perceived inner and outer obstacles to fulfilling your desire.  Close your eyes and activate your fierce intention to release the obstacles.  Ask for support from a higher power of your choosing. With determination, burn the list.  Give thanks.  Tell a trusted person what you have released.
  3. Commit fully to manifesting your desire.  Write down your commitment to manifest your desire and the date by which you will have achieved it. Identify the actions you need to take to successfully fulfill the commitment.
  4. Make a “vision board” of images that represent aspects of your dream. As you look daily at the images, pause and feel the joy of having your desire, as though it’s happening right now. Expect success!

Deepening Joy: When you get into bed tonight, name 3 things that went well today.




 A Circle of Women 50, 60 70+ is Gathering! Join us at The Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, CA.
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In a sacred circle of women, surrounded by the beauty of native oaks, lush gardens, meandering pathways, sun decks, a lovely swimming pool, hiking trails­­, and a labyrinth….


  • Clarify your true calling, through sacred silence, guided imagery, storytelling, music, walking the labyrinth, the support of other women.
  • Summon the courage to to reach for your dreams.
  • Be liberated, through life-changing rituals, from fear, limited thinking, procrastination, and other blocks to your life dreams.
  • Have plain old fun as you laugh, celebrate, relax, soak in the jacuzzi.
  • Return home rejuvenated, with tools to live passionately, joyfully, purposefully!

I have been leading women’s retreat since 1993. There’s a reason women return again and again: joy, empowerment, connection, nurturing, remembering what really matters, and plain old fun! I hope you’ll join us. $100 discount when a friend registers.


Believing in your dreams always,









International Women’s Day March 8, 2012: The History and Power of Unity for Women

Women are Celebrated and Empowered All Over the World on March 8, 2012

The video below says it all. I am so glad that I made the time to hear the whole thing. I hope you will too. Moving, informative, beautiful! It demonstrates the power of women gathering in support of one another.

How did you experience this video? What will you do on March 8?Please share your impressions  and plans for March 8 in the comments below.


Women’s Happiness and Health: A Spiritual Holiday in Sonoma California

Women’s Happiness: A Retreat to Rejuvenate, Reclaim Passion and Purpose

Why a retreat? I recently came across this “gem” which was published in The Mendocino Beacon on December 24, 2003. I have saved it all these years because it wakes me up to what really matters as I negotiate life’s responsibilities in these fast, challenging times!

***“It’s so easy to forget our goals and dreams, big or small. We tend to get caught up in those old messages about why we can’t do this thing or that, or just the details of our daily lives. Those dreams get lost, forgotten or put on the back burner. What seemed so clear last week can now seem like a distant memory. We lose sight of the bigger picture of our lives. In the process, we lose a little of our sparkle. Life seems harder. It can happen gradually, but forgetting our dreams is a little like slowly extinguishing a candle.”


 How can we ensure that we don’t get lost in multi-tasking and that we realize our life calling and our most precious dreams? 


 *** Your Invitation a Spiritual Holiday: Re-juvenate, Re-enchant, Re-claim Dreams!***

 Joy After 50+  Women’s Retreat. April 13-15, Sonoma, Ca. Click here for information and registration.

Save $100: Register Early, by March 16

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 7 Benefits of this Retreat:

  • Time to be still, reflect, to hear the whispers of your soul.
  • Refresh in nature at a charming resort. The channels of inspiration, clarity, and creativity open in the beauty of nature. Guidance flows, bringing the big picture of your life into focus.
  • Release inner blocks. In a powerful ceremony, you will **release** inner  and outer saboteurs that keep you stuck.
  • Get support. It takes a village to believe in yourself and in your capacity to realize your dreams. You will leave believing in your capacity!
  • Learn to activate JOY. It’s proven! Happier people are more creative, productive, energetic, live longer. You will learn simple, scientifically proven intentional activities that activate a state of joy in any circumstance.
  • Relax, laugh, celebrate, make new women friends for ongoing support.
  • Return home refreshed with tools to make the rest of your life the very best of your life!

“If we do not tend to the needs of our souls to be refreshed… the wetlands and rainforests of our psyches turn into arid deserts.” —Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD

“Life is a treasure. People should enjoy it. Even if digging through it is a challenge.”
~ Mattie Stepanek, from his book, Journey through  Heartsongs.Mattie, an inspirational child poet, died at age 13 of muscular dystrophy

*** If not now, then when?***

>>>READ MORE about The Joy After 50+ Women’s Retreat<<<

I am here to answer your questions: 1-800-996-4006

Believing in you always,

Inspiration for Women ( and men) After 50: A Rilke Poem for Monday Motivation

A Poem for Women after 50

Is there a song in you waiting to be sung? At 50, 60, 70+ we are called to fully express who we really are, to unleash our natural gifts and dreams. Rilke’s poem speaks to that so well. I have added italics. I hope it inspires you to soar!

I believe in all that has never yet been spoken.
I want to free what waits within me
so that what no one has dared to wish for

may for once spring clear
without my contriving.

If this is arrogant, God, forgive me,
but this is what I need to say.
May what I do flow from me like a river,
no forcing and no holding back,
the way it is with children.

 Then in these swelling and ebbing currents,
these deepening tides moving out, returning,
I will sing to you as no one ever has,

streaming through widening channels
into the open sea.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~


Joyful blessings to you!




New Year’s Passion, Joy and Love in 2012: Advice From Harriet Tubman and Mari Smith


Dream Big in 2012

Inspiration from Harriet Tubman and Mari Smith for 2012

I love the start of a new year with that feeling of newness and  possibilities waiting to happen. It’s a great time to activate your dreams.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.
Always remember, you have within you the strength,
the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars
to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman

Mari Smith,  social media expert, inspired me to  adopt a new practice for 2012. She says, “As a practice, each year I like to choose just one word as a theme for the following year. I’ve been doing this ritual for the last five years and have found it to be extremely powerful. The word becomes like a silent mantra, and a guide for both small and major decisions, and can often precipitate quantum leaps.”

My word for 2012 is TRUST! I tend to over-think decisions. This year I am going to respond with a Yes! to opportunities that come into my life, trusting that they are coming to me for a reason. Unless I sense that the opportunity is harmful  in some way, I am going to RSVP with a “yes” to the doors that open to me. Already I feel freedom and curiosity, as I respond to invitations to offer book signings and talks.

What word would you choose? What is the essence of a quality that will support you in manifesting your dreams in 2012—in being happier, more fulfilled— no matter your age or life circumstances? Pause a moment and identify your word. Will you share it with us by commenting below?

I also invite you to take a pledge to make time for joy this year: dance, sing, travel, walk in nature, and, of course, read my book, Joy After Fifty: A Woman’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness. Click here for information/to order.

May  love and joy nourish you in the coming year and may you be  supported in realizing your dreams!

With love,





Best Holiday Gift: Peace, Joy and Vision at the Winter Solstice

Light Returning at Winter Solstice

Best Holiday Tip: The Gift of Winter Solstice 2011

Winter Solstice is one of my favorite holidays of the entire year. While I used to dread (a joy-buster) the darkness and cold of winter, I have now befriended the dark. I love to sit in the quiet, light a candle and enjoy the moment, as I reflect on gratitude for all the gifts in my life (a joy-booster).

Winter Solstice will occur at about 9:30 PM PST on December 21, 2011. It is the shortest day and the longest night of the year, a time to celebrate the return of more daylight and increasing warmth—a fertile time to plant inner seeds for new “growth” in the springtime. Making note of the returning light has helped me embrace winter, as never before.

I invite you to join the increasing numbers of people who are reviving ancient traditions in celebration of the solstice. Themes of this time include renewal, hope, and new beginnings—a time for introspection, inspiration, and intentions/new visions.

My observance of the solstice has become one of the most nourishing experiences of the year. In quiet moments of deep presence, I find a respite from the noisy commercialization and intensity of the season. As a result, I find myself  in the true spirit of this season: grateful, joyful, and loving.

By taking time to reflect and to be still, we are more able to bring light and happiness to others through our kindness, our radiant spirit, our service. Radiating the inner light of joy to everyone we meet is one of the greatest gifts we can offer…a smile, a kind word, our full presence…these are lasting gifts of immeasurable value.

Questions to ask at Winter Solstice:

  1. What  behavior, belief, relationship will I release into the darkness to enhance my joy?
  2. What inspiring vision do I want to incubate now, in order for a new “birth”  in the spring?

A Simple Solstice Ceremony for Individuals or Groups:

  1. Place unlighted candles around the room.
  2. Sit quietly for 15-30 minutes in the dark, reflecting upon what you will leave behind with the darkness and what you will “birth” into the coming light—something you would like to manifest by springtime.
  3. As someone rings a bell for the end of the meditation, each one present can light a candle and share their reflections from # 2.
  4. Finish with a celebration: (e.g.singing, gift giving, sharing food)

I wish you a most joyful Solstice and holiday season!!

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have gifted loved ones with my generously endorsed (John Gray etc)book:

Joy after Fifty: A Woman’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness. Click here for information/ordering.

With love, Connie








Women of Spirit and Leadership: Your Resource Guide for Healing, Happiness and Empowerment

Announcing the release of the “Spirited Woman Directory”.

Enjoy this amazing guide to all kinds of services offered by incredible women from around the country and the world. You will find me on page 103. I hope you enjoy it!
Stay tuned for my posts on Winter Solstice and Tips for a JOYful Holiday Season.
Make time for JOY today!

The Dalai Lama on Women’s Leadership: An Invitation to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness

FOR WOMEN 50,60, 70+

****JUST PUBLISHED: Joy after Fifty: A Woman’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness****


The following is a excerpt from the Introduction to my book. Click here for rave reviews and to order.


~An Invitation~

Even though we’ve never met, you and I are connected. After living five decades or more, we know what it is to rejoice, laugh, love, create, celebrate, and grieve, as women. We are bonded by our common heritage and privilege as women who have reached the most powerful time of our lives—our 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. We may look very different on the outside. Some of us wear business suits, others jeans, sundresses, or saris. Whether single, coupled, separated, divorced, or widowed, no matter which continent we inhabit, we are guardians of a priceless treasure—the capacity to love and to nurture, to facilitate and collaborate—to experience and share joy.

As contemporary women over 50, we are more educated, gainfully employed and empowered than our foremothers.  We have become breadwinners, homeowners, business owners, artists, CEOs, and heads of state!

As women, we are inherently endowed with the power to give birth — to children, books, businesses, gardens, communities. Just think:  If we could harness all the wisdom and life experiences of women over 50, we could rock our world —firmly, but gently — back onto an axis of harmony, peace and loving kindness. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that Western women will save the world. I would respectfully add that this potential extends beyond the West to all women on the planet, if given the opportunities and knowledge to keep our spirits joyful and strong!

The truth is that the world needs our gifts — now as never before! We all have a calling and a purpose in this lifetime. Whether it’s to lovingly shape the lives of our children and grandchildren, to launch a new business, write our memoirs, or help build schools for girls in Afghanistan, as women 50+ the time has arrived for you and me to step fully into the life we were born to live.

Remember, you are a unique and powerful woman. There never has been and never will be anyone quite like you. And, it is truly your time to shine!

>> What do you really, really want in your life?

>> What is your calling at this time? 

>>What inner song is waiting to be sung?

Stay tuned for more in future posts.

Click here for more information and to order Joy After Fifty.

**** Get a JumpStart on the Holidays: A perfect *GIFT* for the women you love! ****

Loving blessings to you!






Girlfriends Boost Health and Happiness: Tips and Scientific Secrets to a Life of Joy!





It’s proven. Other women are good for your health! We women share from our souls, listen intently, offer support, empathy and abiding friendship. Below you will find an excerpt from my new book,

 Joy After Fifty: A Woman’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness.

Click here to read all about it!


What a gift! An antidote to the stressors of these times, Joy After Fifty shows us how to re-enchant our lives with wonder and delight in any circumstance. I highly recommend this book!

~Marci Shimoff, NY Times Bestselling author of Happy for No Reason. Love for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul


~~Week Thirteen~~

The company of other women is “good medicine” for the female body, mind and spirit.  When women converse and connect, an extra dose of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, is released. Women are reclaiming self-esteem and personal empowerment by participating in ongoing “circles.”  These circles are sanctuaries in which a woman can discover her authenticity, as she is “midwifed” into birthing her true nature and her unique voice.

 Reflecting on Joy:

* How did my relationship with my mother, or the absence of a mother, affect my current attitudes toward women?

* What aspects of being a woman have I, or have I not yet, accepted and embraced?  Do they prevent me from embracing my womanhood and truly loving other women as friends and “sisters”?

* What experiences do I currently have with other women that intentionally foster deep connection, communication and empowerment?

* What women would I wish to include in an ongoing “circle” for support, guidance and loving connection?

  Activating Joy:

** Light a candle.  Close your eyes and breathe slowly and fully to ground yourself.  Imagine yourself in a sacred women’s lodge. You are surrounded by concentric circles of all your female ancestors, from all time.

** Activate all your senses as you experience the depth of love and wisdom they are radiating to you now.

**  Formulate a question regarding a significant life issue.  Present it to the women surrounding you.  Listen carefully.  Record their “responses.”

** This week, set aside time to imagine yourself creating a women’s circle or rejuvenating an existing circle.  Consider the who, what, where and how of your intention.  For an individual or group coaching consultation on “How To Create and Sustain A Vibrant Women’s Circle”, send an email to www.joyafterfifty.com/contact


What are your experiences with women friends? Please share a comment below.


With loving blessings,

Connie Clark




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