Joy is the New Success: Keys to Health, Love, Creativity and Longevity

Joy is Essential to Successful Relating and Loving Connection

Joy is the new success in life and work!

From my studies of the fields of positive psychology and the science of happiness, I have deepened my respect for the essential nature of  joy in our lives. It’s now proven that people who know how to activate inner joy are more successful in all areas of life:  career, relationship, health, wealth, longevity etc.

Did you know that 40% of your happiness is in your control? For example:

  • Naming 3 things that went well at the end of each day can reduce stress and fill your mind with happy thoughts before sleep.
  • Every morning, as soon as I awaken, I name at least 4 things I am grateful for in my life. It helps me start the day with a bright outlook.

Since happiness is the precursor to many of life’s riches, it makes sense to put joy-boosting activities (meditation, singing, dancing, laughing and playing) at the top of your to-do list. How about starting today?

In my forthcoming book, Joy after Fifty, I have synthesized the attitudes and behaviors proven to increase joy and life success into an easy, step-by-step  52 week format.  Here is a sample from the book of happiness-boosting  thoughts and actions to start your week.


Reflecting on Joy: Questions to Ask Yourself…

  1. When did I stop making time for delight: dancing, singing, painting, traveling, cooking, walking in nature?
  2. What do I prioritize in my life/work?
  3. Where does joy fit in on my list of priorities?
  4. Knowing that prioritizing joy is putting the horse before the cart on the road to success, what activities do I need to reclaim to enhance my joy?

Activating Joy

  • Remember  an exhilarating time when you were fully engaged in a delightful activity — something you no longer make time for.
  • Close your eyes and recall that memory in full detail — see, hear, touch, smell and taste it.  Let your body and spirit feel the joy.  Hold the feeling for 60 seconds. This really works!
  • Decide what joy-enhancing activity you will make time for this week.  It should be so en-joy-able that you would choose to do it (or an equally satisfying activity) again for a month, a year or…perhaps forever.


Please share your tips for boosting joy in the comments below.

Here’s to finding success in all your endeavors by prioritizing JOY!

Love, Connie

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