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Money Management for Women 50+ : Suze Orman on Financial Planning for Retirement

A recent AARP survey revealed that 60% of seniors have had to change their retirement plans as a result of the economic downturn. Although these numbers might dismay us, there is much we can do to ease financial hardship down the road. Financial planning expert Suze Orman’s new book: The Money Class: Learn to Create […]

Healthy Aging for Active Women: Superfoods for Beauty, Longevity and Vitality

We’ve all heard that regular exercise is a miraculous way to stay vital and healthy. We know it boosts our mood, our sex lives, prevents chronic health problems, and aids in weight loss and high quality sleep. So, if you’re one of the many women working to stays active as you age, well done! But […]


SAVE MONEY WITH YOUR AARP CARD! Do you remember how you felt in your late 40s when you began to receive the AARP magazine? How dare they include me in a phase of life I was not at all ready to accept? When I was 46, I certainly didn’t want to be confronted with the reality of turning […]

Love, Health, Wealth: Why Joy Matters

Why Joy after Fifty? Recent scientific research proves that people who know how to be happy are more successful in all areas of life. They attract more: love, health, wealth, creativity, brain power, vitality and longevity A new body of research, known as the Science of Happiness, has revealed that, while 50% of our joy […]

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