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Sex for Women over 50, 60, 70+: Lovemaking and Passion as You Age

Women, Sex and Aging: Tips and Tools for more Enjoyment It’s long been acknowledged that for human beings, sex is a need, not a luxury. So how do we deal with some of the common problems related to sex and aging? These can include diminishing sex drive (which is unfortunately much more common among women), […]

Overcome Stress and Depression: Nature as Therapy

How Can Women over 50 Reduce Stress and Depression? Take a Hike! A staggering 80% of us live in urban areas — a statistic that illustrates just how many of us might be disconnected from the natural world. This is a shame, as studies have repeatedly shown that our psychological well-being is heavily impacted by […]

Healthy Aging for Active Women: Superfoods for Beauty, Longevity and Vitality

We’ve all heard that regular exercise is a miraculous way to stay vital and healthy. We know it boosts our mood, our sex lives, prevents chronic health problems, and aids in weight loss and high quality sleep. So, if you’re one of the many women working to stays active as you age, well done! But […]

Lower Blood Pressure, Improve Mental Health, Live Longer: Stress Relief Tips

How to Reduce Stress, Increase Happiness and Longevity… Stress is the leading cause of dis-ease! It can cause headaches, gastrointestinal problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, fatigue, poor concentration, memory problems AND it can take years off your life! Yikes… What can you do to relieve these debilitating symptoms? Plenty, as it turns out. […]

Monday Morning Motivation: I AM, a New Movie, Is Inspiration for Humanity

A Must-See Life-Changing Documentary called  “I Am” Gives Hope for the Future On its way to Los Angeles and New York, this amazing movie  starts out asking  two questions: **************************************************************************** What is Wrong with the World? What Can We Do About It? *************************************************************************** It shifts, however, to evidence of: What’s Right with the World? (based […]

Women’s Health Report on Aging: How to Relieve Joint Pain

RELIEVE JOINT PAIN, IMPROVE YOUR VITALITY AS YOU AGE Studies have shown that women are eight times more likely than men to experience joint pain. Many of us assume that joint pain is a natural part of the aging process. Not so! These days, joint pain can be a very manageable affliction, with treatments ranging […]


“Live Your Best Life” is this year’s theme. From sex to success…from service to serenity…from fitness to finance, the compelling topics of the AARP “Orlando@ 50+” conference aim to please. When I am no longer in sessions, networking or speaking about JOY AFTER FIFTY, I will  provide you with a taste of the various topics presented, including: […]

Love, Health, Wealth: Why Joy Matters

Why Joy after Fifty? Recent scientific research proves that people who know how to be happy are more successful in all areas of life. They attract more: love, health, wealth, creativity, brain power, vitality and longevity A new body of research, known as the Science of Happiness, has revealed that, while 50% of our joy […]

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