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Lower Blood Pressure, Improve Mental Health, Live Longer: Stress Relief Tips

How to Reduce Stress, Increase Happiness and Longevity… Stress is the leading cause of dis-ease! It can cause headaches, gastrointestinal problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, fatigue, poor concentration, memory problems AND it can take years off your life! Yikes… What can you do to relieve these debilitating symptoms? Plenty, as it turns out. […]

Tips for a Healthy, Aging Brain: Optimal Brain Function and Memory

Aging Brain Tips: How to Improve Memory and Optimize Brain Function Changes in memory are normal with age. It can  become difficult to focus on more than one thing, to retain – or quickly recall – information. We may begin to forget names, or misplace various items. Such changes can instill panic, but what many do […]


“Live Your Best Life” is this year’s theme. From sex to success…from service to serenity…from fitness to finance, the compelling topics of the AARP “Orlando@ 50+” conference aim to please. When I am no longer in sessions, networking or speaking about JOY AFTER FIFTY, I will  provide you with a taste of the various topics presented, including: […]

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