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Your Big Life Dream: It’s Never Too Late!

Achieve Your Big Dream: Age is Only a Number! Congratulations to Jeanne Bernek, an 81-year-old great grandmother from Greensboro Bend, Vermont, who graduated from college with an Associates Degree in Business. Jeanne, who enjoys walking, hiking and gardening, remains as mentally active as she is physically. She decided to enroll in college in her late […]

Sex for Women over 50, 60, 70+: Lovemaking and Passion as You Age

Women, Sex and Aging: Tips and Tools for more Enjoyment It’s long been acknowledged that for human beings, sex is a need, not a luxury. So how do we deal with some of the common problems related to sex and aging? These can include diminishing sex drive (which is unfortunately much more common among women), […]

Overcome Stress and Depression: Nature as Therapy

How Can Women over 50 Reduce Stress and Depression? Take a Hike! A staggering 80% of us live in urban areas — a statistic that illustrates just how many of us might be disconnected from the natural world. This is a shame, as studies have repeatedly shown that our psychological well-being is heavily impacted by […]

Tips for a Healthy, Aging Brain: Optimal Brain Function and Memory

Aging Brain Tips: How to Improve Memory and Optimize Brain Function Changes in memory are normal with age. It can  become difficult to focus on more than one thing, to retain – or quickly recall – information. We may begin to forget names, or misplace various items. Such changes can instill panic, but what many do […]

Monday Morning Motivation: Power, Happiness and Healing with Dolphins

De-Stress, Heal, Rejuvenate, Reclaim Joy and Play: Dolphins as Leaders and Teachers of Life Success I wish you had been there with me to share the magic. About 15 years ago, I had the unforgettable, life-changing experience of swimming with wild dolphins in an open bay in Hawaii. I felt as though I was receiving […]

Monday Morning Motivation: The Power One Life Can Make

Inspiration to Launch the Week: You Matter! Questions to ask after you watch this video: What is one step I can take on my journey at this time? What one hope am I holding today? What inner voice speaks to me with wisdom? How can I honor that voice? What does my heart know is […]

Aging, Happiness and Life Success Part 2: Tips for a Boomer’s Mental Health

 Tips to ensure happiness and true success as we age. This is my Mexican friend, Camila, who finds joy as a singer extraordinaire, wife and mom. The company of women friends is “good medicine” for the spirit! 5 Mistakes to Avoid for Joy after Fifty:  Procrastinating: The antidote to fear and avoidance is action. Remember this […]


Documentary motivates, honors and respects aging women! What do you think about how aging women are perceived—in the media, in society, in films? This documentary clip shows a variety of women offering their thoughts about the challenges and truths about aging for women today. You may or may not agree with the women interviewed. What do […]


START MONDAY WITH A REFRESHED SPIRIT! Welcome this day with joy! “Spa for the Spirit Monday” is a new feature of! How we start anything, including a new week, determines the effectiveness and satisfaction we will experience. I will be offering you a variety of joy-boosting articles, practices, tips and quotations to inspire a positive […]

Sex and the Pursuit of Happyness: AARP Day Two

 This conference delivers a truly impressive array of experts and entertainers. Speakers today included Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz; Joan Lunden; Stedman Graham; James Carville and Mary Matalin; Kathleen Sebelius; Martina Naratilova.  Here are a few tidbits from the podium… SEX: LONI BARBACH, PhD A study shows that 2/3 of men and women over 60 enjoy sex more […]

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