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Brene Brown Ted Talk on YouTube: Vulnerability as Key to Love, Happiness and Healthy Relationships

  Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on Vulnerability is Key to Loving Relationships. Watch this Inspiring YouTube Video. Even if you’ve seen this amazing Ted Talk, I encourage you to watch it again. Here are 10 highlights from her talk for you to save and share: “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as […]

Monday Morning Motivation: De-Stress, Boost Health with Forgiveness

Reduce Stress and Boost  Health through Love and Forgiveness As we approach Valentine’s Day, the themes of relationships and love come to mind.  I will be dedicating this week to topics relevant to deepening our love for one another and ourselves. In the video below, you will hear Marianne Williamson discuss forgiveness – how it […]


“SPA FOR YOUR SPIRIT” MONDAYS Guaranteed to fight holiday depression and fatigue…Here’s a video to start your day with joy! Have a great week! Who needs your love today? Scatter joy by sending this post to your family and friends now! Comment below on your response to the video. Give yourself love first! Give love to […]

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