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Inspiration for Women ( and men) After 50: A Rilke Poem for Monday Motivation

A Poem for Women after 50 Is there a song in you waiting to be sung? At 50, 60, 70+ we are called to fully express who we really are, to unleash our natural gifts and dreams. Rilke’s poem speaks to that so well. I have added italics. I hope it inspires you to soar! […]

New Year’s Passion, Joy and Love in 2012: Advice From Harriet Tubman and Mari Smith

  Inspiration from Harriet Tubman and Mari Smith for 2012 I love the start of a new year with that feeling of newness and¬† possibilities waiting to happen. It’s a great time to activate your dreams. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the […]

Remembering Helen Keller: A Woman of Optimism, Resilience and Life Success

Inspiration from Helen Keller on Her Birthday I hope you enjoy this video and the quotes below. When I am feeling challenged in my life, I find inspiration in the life and wisdom of this remarkable woman—a model of courage, grace and determination to transform her “limitations” into a life purpose in service to humanity. […]

Unstoppable Women 60+: Inspiration for Success and Fitness at Any Age

60+ Women Sizzle: Racing to a Successful Finish Regardless of Age Last week, we celebrated an inspirational woman who, at 81, realized her lifelong dream of earning a college degree. This week, we celebrate two amazing women who are living proof that “age is nothing but a number.” Meet Jamie Rivers (age 60) and Melody-Anne […]

Your Big Life Dream: It’s Never Too Late!

Achieve Your Big Dream: Age is Only a Number! Congratulations to Jeanne Bernek, an 81-year-old great grandmother from Greensboro Bend, Vermont, who graduated from college with an Associates Degree in Business. Jeanne, who enjoys walking, hiking and gardening, remains as mentally active as she is physically. She decided to enroll in college in her late […]

Joy is the New Success: Keys to Health, Love, Creativity and Longevity

Joy is the new success in life and work! From my studies of the fields of positive psychology and the science of happiness, I have deepened my respect for the essential nature of¬† joy in our lives. It’s now proven that people who know how to activate inner joy are more successful in all areas […]

Monday Morning Motivation: Power, Happiness and Healing with Dolphins

De-Stress, Heal, Rejuvenate, Reclaim Joy and Play: Dolphins as Leaders and Teachers of Life Success I wish you had been there with me to share the magic. About 15 years ago, I had the unforgettable, life-changing experience of swimming with wild dolphins in an open bay in Hawaii. I felt as though I was receiving […]

Monday Morning Motivation: The Power One Life Can Make

Inspiration to Launch the Week: You Matter! Questions to ask after you watch this video: What is one step I can take on my journey at this time? What one hope am I holding today? What inner voice speaks to me with wisdom? How can I honor that voice? What does my heart know is […]


¬† ¬† ¬† Better than¬†New Year’s Resolutions…Dream Big For Life Success, Health¬†and Fulfillment in 2011! Start today.¬†¬† The link below will take you to a video that explodes the heart with inspiration–a video you have likely seen before. This time, however, as you watch the video, ask yourself the following questions.¬† As you approach the […]


Get¬†Motivated and Inspired¬†for a Great¬†Week!¬† Lead into¬†the day¬†with joy and inspiration.¬†Maximize your effectiveness¬†and have a successful week with a… ~~~~ New¬† Feature¬†of Joy After Fifty¬†~~~~ “MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION” Each Monday morning, like opening a¬†delightful surprise, ¬†you will find quotes, music, videos, stories, tips, and more to brighten your spirit and optimize your mind so you […]

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