“Live Your Best Life” is this year’s theme. From sex to success…from service to serenity…from fitness to finance, the compelling topics¬†of the AARP “Orlando@ 50+” conference aim to please. When I am no longer¬†in sessions, networking or speaking about JOY AFTER FIFTY, I will¬† provide you with a taste of the various topics presented, including:

  • “Your Life Calling” with Jane Pauley
  • A cruise with¬†numerous single accomodations¬†and¬†lovely social areas
  • A deeply moving service project created for pediatric cancer research
  • The effects of multitasking on the aging brain (hint, hint…don’t!)
  • An online weight loss program women rave about

In the time I have right now, in between appointments, I’d like to share why I’m ¬†glad I came:

  • The¬†speakers understand me!
  • I feel right at home with thousands of strangers.
  • I don’t feel slow.
  • When I ask someone to read something for me because my glasses are in my purse, they don’t shoot me an impatient¬†“poor dear” look.
  • When I forgot a woman’s name right after I’d met her, we laughed as though we shared a common secret.
  • We women, though¬†strangers,¬†exchange knowing smiles¬†as if to say, “We’ve never met but I know you”.

I¬†won’t¬†make you groan by telling of the man who expressed¬†a strong¬†interest in me, actually seemed normal, lives not far from me in California AND…as¬†I am planning where we’ll go¬†on our first date (haha),¬†he floors me with an outrageous sexually inappropriate comment.¬† That’s ok…

I am having a great time. Wish you were here. Stay tuned for more!

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