A Women’s Retreat for Health, Happiness and Vitality: A Life-Changing Vacation After Fifty

Joy After 50+ Retreat Participants

Joy After 50+ Women’s Retreat: A Life-Changing Vacation

I have been leading women’s retreats since 1993. What I know for sure is that I was born to do this. I say that, not in an ego-centric way, but as a simple acknowledgment of gratitude for doing the work that I love. I wish that for you, too.

I hope you enjoy these photos from my April retreat for women 50, 60, 70 and better. We dressed in white for a special commitment ceremony.

One of the themes in my retreats for women in the second half of life is finding a life calling that ignites passion, inspires creativity and ensures fulfillment. I create a safe place for each woman to share from her heart, reconnect to her spirit, and to listen deeply to her true desires for this powerful time of life. The world needs each of our gifts… mostly our radiant joy, loving kindness and purposeful service… in these challenging times.

A Sanctuary for Sacred Space


This is our meeting space where laughter, deep sharing, loving support, and transformation happens. The “arrows” around the altar are symbols of what each woman wishes to release in a fire ceremony… limitations, judgements, fear and the like. Being freed from these saboteurs opens a pathway to true joy.



Deep Connection and Bonding


Women arrive as strangers and, as the weekend progresses, feel safe to midwife one another  into taking the next step on their life path. I am blessed to witness this process in each and every retreat.




Lunchtime in Paradise


I carefully select resorts of great beauty and tranquility, like the Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, California. The lush gardens, cozy cottages, quite spaces for reflection, healthful,delicious gourmet cuisine all create the conditions for rejuvenation and personal transformation.



Deep Personal Reflection for Meaning and Inspiration



You will be on my list to learn FIRST of future one day, weekend and week-long retreats in the U.S. and Mexico!




A Circle of Love, Support and Delight


I hope you will forward this to the women you love.  Discounts are offered when you attend a retreat with a friend or relative.






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With joyful blessings to mothers everywhere. We are all mothers in one way or another!



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    Thanks Again. I’d like to be updated for future retreats.

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