With Connie Clark, Retreat Leader Since 1993

In today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking, endless to-do list world:

Do you feel STRESSED, out of BALANCE, scrambling to keep up?

Do you YEARN for more passion, fulfillment, BALANCE and JOY?

Do you want to ENSURE that you FULFILL your true LIFE calling?

Do you long for TIME to “be”, to RECONNECT, to listen to your HEART?

IF you answered YES to any one of these questions, I INVITE you to a weekend experience where you will be NURTURED, rejuvenated, INSPIRED and midwifed as you BIRTH a life vision that will make your HEART sing.

Dear Woman 50, 60, 70 or “better”,

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You are a unique woman in the most powerful time of your life. There never has been and never will be anyone quite like you. And, it is truly your time to shine, to birth the fullness of who you were born to be!


  • In a transition (e.g., divorced, widowed, menopause, empty nest, retired, loss of meaning)
  • Yearning to re-enchant your life
  • Sensing there’s still a song in you
  • Feeling that now it’s really your turn
  • Inspired to birth something new
  • Called to make a difference, to leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren, the world
  • Seeking a spiritually nourishing get-away

A Retreat is a Gift a Woman Makes to Her Soul

Listen to a 2012 Retreat Participant

“If we do not tend to the needs of our souls to be refreshed… the wetlands and rainforests of our psyches turn into arid deserts.” —Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

We are living in an era of UNPRECEDENTED STRESS. Life has become fast-paced, demanding, unpredictable, and often exhausting. Women are “multi-tasking” in an effort to keep up with society’s heart-pounding pace. Are we are doing more and enjoying life less?


“When it’s over I want to say all my life I was a bride, MARRIED to AMAZEMENT.”
—Mary Oliver from “When Death Comes”

I invite you to RETREAT from the noise, listen

to the WHISPERS of your SOUL and make time for JOY!

Joy After 50+ retreats are designed as a spiritual holiday for restoring inner peace, reconnecting to what really matters in your life and acquiring tools to achieve your heart’s desire, as you increase vitality and joy. Going on a retreat is an act of SELF-LOVE, a commitment to reviving your soulful nature.


In a sacred circle of women, surrounded by the beauty of native oaks, lush gardens, meandering pathways, sun decks, a lovely swimming pool, hiking trails­­, and a labyrinth….


  • Refresh your spirit, reconnect to your true nature, revive zest and enthusiasm.
  • Be affirmed, nurtured and empowered in a safe circle of new women friends.
  • Create a new, life-affirming “story” about your aging, liberating you from disheartening attitudes and beliefs.
  • Illuminate pathways to your deepest heart’s desire at this time.
  • Learn proven practices that activate joy and resilience in any circumstance.
  • Clarify your true calling, through sacred silence, guided imagery, storytelling, music, walking the labyrinth, the support of other women.
  • Summon the courage to to reach for your dreams.
  • Be liberated, through life-changing rituals, from fear, limited thinking, procrastination, and other blocks to your life dreams.
  • Have plain old fun as you laugh, celebrate, relax, soak in the jacuzzi.
  • Return home rejuvenated, with tools to live passionately, joyfully, purposefully!

Listen to a 2012 Retreat Participant

Your Retreat Weekend Includes:

  • A transformational program that has enriched women’s lives for decades…all materials included
  • A leader with 25 years of experience specializing in women’s psychology, the science of happiness, positive psychology and designing life-changing rituals
  • 2 nights shared accommodation in cozy cabins with private baths
  • Delicious gourmet meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch—vegetarian and vegan options
  • BONUS #1: A complimentary copy of my book, Joy After Fifty: A Woman’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness
  • BONUS #2: A FREE 20 minute post-retreat phone consultation
  • BONUS #3: A $50 DISCOUNT for bringing a FRIEND or RELATIVE
  • CE CREDIT for LMFTs and LCSWs: 17 Hours


“Connie’s retreats are unique beyond imagination. The single best gift I’ve ever given myself. Anytime is the right time.”
—Katie W., Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“I loved the whole thing. What an incredible experience! I didn’t want it to end. I feel ready to move on to the next step!”
—Linda H., Marketing Director

“Connie created an oasis of joy and support so we could explore what really matters in life.”
—Sally M., Intercultural Consultant & Artist

“A very restorative and refreshing experience. I lost a sense of time and worldly concerns…easy to focus on the experience and to feel joy.”
—Marilyn H., Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

“A wonderful, nurturing experience. Connie’s guidance in getting rid of old negatives and replacing them with loving kindness and “positives,” empowers one to embrace their future.”
—Nancy M., Retired Flight Attendant

Answers to Questions You May Have About Connie’s
Joy After 50+ Retreat

Q: What do you mean by joy?

A: Joy is what we feel in the absence of fear…that deep contentment, aliveness, and freedom that comes from connecting to life with love, trust, curiosity, gratitude and delight.

Q: What if I don’t know what my life calling is?

A: It’s perfectly natural to be in the “unknown” at 50+, when you are no longer identified with the “old identity” and your former life, but the “new self” has not yet whispered her way into your consciousness. The most important thing is to totally trust that you are on track. You will embrace the unfolding of a meaningful, inspiring life calling at this retreat.

Q: What if I have questions about the retreat or registration?

A: Send an email to connie@joyafterfifty.com or call 1 800-996-4006. We will be happy to help you.


Connie Clark, known as the “Joy Doctor”, is the internationally acclaimed author of Joy After Fifty: A Woman’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness and a licensed psychotherapist. Since 1993, Connie has been widely recognized as a gifted leader of personal and professional transformation programs—as a speaker, seminar and retreat leader, and life-enhancement consultant. She empowers women with essential life skills for flourishing in fast-paced, challenging times. Connie is sought after for her dynamic and inspiring style, which has been a catalyst for hundreds of women, helping them to move from mere glimpses of desired change to breakthrough experiences. Her clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs, physicians, artists, authors, grandmothers, and women “starting over” after the empty nest, the divorce, and other major life changes. She is the founder of JoyWorks™ programs and the popular boomer women’s blog, www.joyafterfifty.com.


Are you ready to have more joy, passion and meaning in your life?

Please join me and the hundreds of other women who already have (and the women who will, in the future), take time to retreat—to ensure that the rest of our lives are truly the very best of our lives!




I hope to see you at a future, unforgettable Joy After 50+ Women’s Retreat.

Forward this link to your favorite woman friends: http://joyafterfifty.com/retreats/

With loving blessings,

Connie Clark, MA, LMFT