How a Woman Finds Happiness after 50: A Dream to Make Your Heart Sing

Dreaming of a Joyful Future

Finding Happiness after 50:  Your Dream, Life Purpose and a Women’s Retreat

My book, Joy after Fifty: A Women’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Lasting Happiness, is a 52 weekly resource guide for deeply remembering the essence of our true nature which is joy.  Week 7 is about your life dream.

Week Seven

As a woman in the second half of life, it’s essential that you identify a life dream that makes your heart sing.  Whether simple or grand, your burning desire, and a plan to achieve it, will reveal a pathway of deep joy.  Your world will light up as you move in the direction of your dream…one goal, one action, one baby step at a time.

Reflecting on Joy

* What dream makes my heart sing at this time?

* When I imagine living my dream, as though it is already happening, how do I feel?

* What inner qualities could I intentionally access to overcome any obstacles to realizing my dream?(e.g., trust, courage, perseverance)

* Knowing that it takes a “village” to help make one’s dreams come true, who would make up my most powerful “dream team”? Examples include: a coach, a friend, a psychotherapist, an accountability partner.

Activating Joy

  1. Set a timer for 12 minutes.  Beginning with the phrase, “My greatest desire at this time is…” write nonstop until the time is up.  Take more time if you wish.  Reflect upon what you wrote. Does it surprise you? How does it feel?
  2. Write down all the perceived inner and outer obstacles to fulfilling your desire.  Close your eyes and activate your fierce intention to release the obstacles.  Ask for support from a higher power of your choosing. With determination, burn the list.  Give thanks.  Tell a trusted person what you have released.
  3. Commit fully to manifesting your desire.  Write down your commitment to manifest your desire and the date by which you will have achieved it. Identify the actions you need to take to successfully fulfill the commitment.
  4. Make a “vision board” of images that represent aspects of your dream. As you look daily at the images, pause and feel the joy of having your desire, as though it’s happening right now. Expect success!

Deepening Joy: When you get into bed tonight, name 3 things that went well today.




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Believing in your dreams always,









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