Winter Beauty

“Good Medicine” for Holiday Stress and DepressionI  wish you a joyful Winter Solstice Celebration–an antidote to holiday blahs! Tuesday, December 21st is the shortest day and the longest night of the year– a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the themes of this season and their relevance in your life.Winter Solstice is a time to celebrate a rebirth of the sun and the return of light and warmth—a fertile time to plant inner seeds to welcome a new beginning that will blossom forth in the Spring.

Traditionally, this has been a day to gather with loved ones, to light candles, sing, share festive meals and to envision the future.

DID YOU KNOW? This year, the winter solstice coincides with the lunar eclipse. Read more.

Here is a simple ceremony to embrace the theme of rebirth—you can perform it alone or with others:

  • Sit in a darkened room, with unlighted candles nearby.
  • Reflect: What “rebirth” in your life that would bring you the deepest joy?
  • Imagine yourself gestating the seeds of this desire throughout the fertile winter months.
  • How will you nourish the precious seeds of your greatest desire?
  • Visualize and anticipate the delight you will experience in the springtime, as you midwife this “birth”.
  • Light the candles one at a time, and express your wishes out loud.
  • Celebrate the return of light and hope for the future with a song, a poem, and your favorite foods.

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