Monday Morning Motivation: Power, Happiness and Healing with Dolphins

Healing and Happiness with Dolphins

De-Stress, Heal, Rejuvenate, Reclaim Joy and Play: Dolphins as Leaders and Teachers of Life Success

I wish you had been there with me to share the magic. About 15 years ago, I had the unforgettable, life-changing experience of swimming with wild dolphins in an open bay in Hawaii. I felt as though I was receiving a transmission of pure joy…as though I was in the presence of¬† enlightened beings! When a dolphin looks straight into your eye as it swims by, you never forget. Say good-by to any¬† fear of the deep ocean as the pod encircles you and invites you to play!

I wanted everyone to have a dolphin “transmission” so I started showing films of dolphins at my seminars and retreats. Guess what! It moved the audience to tears!¬† Even through a¬† film of dolphins, hearts broke open to let in more love, more happiness!

Dolphins are ambassadors of joy! In the presence of dolphins, hundreds of humans have reported  transcendent experiences of euphoria, a dissolving of fear, and stuck patterns, as well as a lightening of anxiety and depression.

From the Ancient Greek philosophers to contemporary psychologists, neuroscientists, and biochemists, the astonishing emotional and physical healing influence of dolphins has been researched and documented. As an antidote to the dis-ease of stress, fatigue, and listlessness, we can benefit from modeling our lives after these magnificent creatures.

A dolphin-like life would be characterized by qualities like:

  1. curiosity
  2. connection
  3. fun and games
  4. nurturing
  5. gentleness
  6. love and compassion
  7. helping those in need
  8. creating community (who is in your pod?)

Questions for Reflection:

  • What dolphin-like qualities are prominent in my life today? Not prominent?
  • Which dolphin characteristics would benefit my work, relationships, and overall wellbeing?
  • What would change in my life/work if I adopted the above qualities? How does it feel to imagine that?
  • Do I belong to a ‚Äúpod‚ÄĚ/community of people who embrace dolphin-like qualities? If not, were I to create a joy-enhancing community, who would I include?¬† What could our common purpose be? (ie to have more fun; adopt a project for the common good)

Weekly Intentions:

  1. Dedicate this week to playfulness and fun. Make a ‚Äúplay-date‚ÄĚ with favorite friends. (ie a game night; movie or stand-up comedy night; a Karaoke event, etc) Schedule it within the next two weeks. Repeat often for best results!
  2. Practice the feminine principle of deep nurturing this week, starting with you! Schedule a time to nurture yourself and one other person this week. Repeat weekly and watch your joy rise!

***************************************************************************************************************************** Contact me for information about  participating in a life-altering dolphin experience in Hawaii!!


Do you have a dolphin story to share?? Please comment below.

I hope you enjoy the brief videos below: a peek into a dolphin’s playful, graceful, relational, joy-inducing¬† nature.

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