A new body of research in the field of psychology, called the Science of Happiness, has shown that the happier you are the more you will flourish in all areas of life.  Imagine: now you can learn how to be happier. There are simple actions that are proven to bring you more joy, inner peace and fulfillment. One of these is expressing gratitude.

Many of my coaching and psychotherapy¬†clients, eager to elevate their mood, have taken to heart my suggestion that they practice daily gratitude. Oops! What I observed is that they could write or recite a gratitude list with no apparent impact on their happiness. As with¬†any rote activity, the list became just that…alot of words, devoid of feeling.

“Expressing”¬† gratitude¬†is the key word in this action!

  1. Think of someone for  whom you feel grateful.
  2. Identify 1-3 reasons why.
  3. Call or visit with her/him. (emails are not effective)
  4. Convey the gratitude you feel.
  5. Tell them exactly why they are special to you.
  6. Notice the joy created in you and them.
  7. Repeat 3x/week  for best results.

Of course, there are other ways of showing gratitude (i.e. cards, flowers, gifts). But it’s the full, open, verbal expression of the feeling that is proven to ¬†boost happiness. Have fun with this!

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