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Tips for a Healthy, Aging Brain: Optimal Brain Function and Memory

Aging Brain Tips: How to Improve Memory and Optimize Brain Function Changes in memory are normal with age. It can  become difficult to focus on more than one thing, to retain – or quickly recall – information. We may begin to forget names, or misplace various items. Such changes can instill panic, but what many do […]

Monday Morning Motivation: 5 Ways to Please Your Lover on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! The word “Valentine” seems to conjure images of candy hearts, chocolate, and flowers. But there are more genuine, heartfelt and meaningful gifts to bestow upon your partner on February 14 (as well as throughout the year!) The 5 Love Languages is a book by marriage counselor Gary Chapman, which identifies five different […]


SAVE MONEY WITH YOUR AARP CARD! Do you remember how you felt in your late 40s when you began to receive the AARP magazine? How dare they include me in a phase of life I was not at all ready to accept? When I was 46, I certainly didn’t want to be confronted with the reality of turning […]


“Live Your Best Life” is this year’s theme. From sex to success…from service to serenity…from fitness to finance, the compelling topics of the AARP “Orlando@ 50+” conference aim to please. When I am no longer in sessions, networking or speaking about JOY AFTER FIFTY, I will  provide you with a taste of the various topics presented, including: […]

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